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Frequently asked questions

 "Amazing! For just a little more than a ‘normal’ cab, well worth the extra!" J.Rook

What makes Tesla Exclusive Travel different?

Tesla Exclusive Customer service

  • 20 years experience arranging logistics for international business leaders, politicians & TV personalities
  • Unrivalled professionalism & client discretion
  • Our ethos is to always 'go the extra mile’!
  • Top of the range vehicles with every option

Why is Tesla head & shoulders above the rest?


  • ZERO polluting emissions
  • Wider than a Mercedes
  • Faster than a Ferrari
  • Quieter than a mouse
  • Able to run on solar energy
  • c.300 miles on a single charge
  • Auto changing air suspension
  • Advanced collision avoidance
  • Cavernous luggage capacity
  • Limousine luxury

What are some of the special features your vehicles have?


  • Bio-weapon defence mode
  • Onboard WiFi & charge ports
  • Panoramic glass sunroof 
  • Luxury heated seating for all 
  • Plush insulated cabins
  • Bespoke HiFi surround audio
  • Real time advanced satnav 
  • Noise insulated tyres
  • Advanced all wheel drive

Is it true that Tesla makes the safest cars ever built?

Tesla Exclusive travel Safe Travel

The all wheel drive Tesla Model S was designed to be the safest car on the road and actually broke the US strength test machine designed to test collision impacts.

Automated collision avoidance systems, multiple airbags, and automatic shut down of high voltage systems, combine to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Can I relax in peace or work on board?


Of course. Our business is built on relationships, and ensuring our clients' requirements are met. Our cars are the quietest on the road providing a calm space to prepare for a meeting. Or make use of our ultra high fidelity in car entertainment system to create the desired ambience. 

Quality conversation is on offer but rest assured it is not compulsory!

Can you guarantee I won't be late for my appointment?

Tesla Exclusive Travel

Well it's never happened. Clearly there may be factors beyond our control but we mitigate these by planning each journey carefully in advance and fine tuning on the road, using the latest technology to monitor flight delays, weather and traffic conditions. Snow and ice may deter the faint of heart but you may rest assured our all wheel drive technologies and sub zero weather package ensures a safe journey in any weather.

Bad weather? Relax you're in safe hands

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