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Love Shopping? Hate carrying shopping bags? then read on...

The modern shopping experience today seems to fall into two camps.

You are either 

a) Battling with the hordes, fighting over too narrow parking spaces or dodging traffic wardens not to mention cutting your fingers trying to carry overladen plastic bags...or

b) Sitting in front of a screen, clicking away in the vague hope something resembling the picture will turn up on your doorstep a week later, only to find out it's the wrong size or colour.

Hmmm....but what if there was another way? 

What if you could recreate the thrill of the hunt without all the hassle, sore feet and stress. What if you could turn an 'ordeal' into a really fun day out with a friend. Folks step this way, we proudly present TET's 'Retail Therapy package'.

Picked up in your chauffeur driven luxury limo, dropped right outside your destination. Have your bags collected while you reload, repeat, then perhaps a spot of lunch. Eventually, you rendezvous with your chauffeur, who will carry your bags and escort you to your heated leather seats before you enjoy a glass of your favourite beverage. When you get home, you just flop on the sofa and have your bags brought in. Oh and don't worry with three boots on board, we have even the most enthusiastic shopper covered.

If this sounds like it might be for you, we'd love to hear from you.

To check availability for your next 'absolutely fabulous' day out...half day retail adventure £250 full day, 'shop til you drop' £350